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Catholic Answers Live - Open Forum

July 25, 2020

Questions Covered:

00:47 - Why does the Church allow organ donation but not the scattering of ashes? 

06:02 - I read a protestant claim that said early Church worship was much closer to modern charismatic services than it was to the Catholic Mass. 

14:06 - What’s the current role of the Camerlengo of the College of Cardinals? 

16:48 - Is it ok for me to attend the bridal shower of my friend who fell away from the faith? 

20:32 - The Church claims it’s the only authority of scripture, but according to natural law we’re able to reason to moral truths ourselves. Isn’t that a double standard? 

28:43 - My atheist friend says religion is just something people tell themselves for a long enough time until they believe it. How can I respond to him? 

34:24 - What’s the distinction between spiritual gluttony and the pursuit of wisdom? How do I know which I’m engaging in? 

41:22 - How was God created? 

44:50 - If every soul has to pass through purgatory to get to heaven, then what does the Catholic Church say happens to the souls of Protestants, who don’t believe in purgatory? 

48:22 - In Exodus 21:20 there’s a law that says if someone beats their slave to death they’re punished by death, but if the slave recovers, they’re not punished by death because a slave is his master’s property. Why is the slave, made in the image and likeness of God, someone’s property? 

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