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Catholic Answers Live - Catholic Answers Quiz Show

June 29, 2020


1) In his second letter, Peter says we will one day:

a See the divine nature

b Touch the divine nature

c Share in the divine nature

2) Peter’s first successor of Peter as the leader of the Church in Rome was:

  1. a) Forgotten by history
  2. b) Linus
  3. c) James the Just

3) In the letter to the Galatians:

  1. a) Peter rebukes St Paul
  2. b) St Paul rebukes Peter
  3. c) Paul and Peter rebuke the Romans

4) Which of the following is true about St. Peter:

  1. a) Has such a powerful healer that people laid the sick out in places where they thought Peter’s shadow might fall on them
  2. b) He only healed when all the Apostles were gathered together
  3. c) He showed no evidence of being a healer

 5) The Apostle Paul was a:

  1. a) Sadducee
  2. b) Temple Priest
  3. c) Pharisee

6)  The bishops of the Orthodox Churches are:

a.) Not successors of the Apostles as Catholic bishops are

b.) Successors of the Apostles

c.) Successors only of St. Paul but not of St. Peter


ROUND 2 Sacrament of Marriage Questions

1) Even married couples may not resort to Invitro Fertilization because:

a.) God creates life without our cooperation, and we cannot interfere with that

b.) IVF separates a child’s conception from the conjugal act of its parents

c.) There is no certainty that an artificially conceived person will have a soul


2) Catholics believe that marriage is:

  1. a) An eternal bond
  2. b) A life-long bond
  3. c) A life-long bond except in cases of annulment

3) When a baptized Protestant marries a baptized Catholic:

a.) Their marriage is sacramental

b.) Their marriage is valid but not sacramental

c.) There marriage is not valid


4) Marriage is the only sacrament:

a.) That was already an institution before Christ raised it to the status of sacrament

b.) That no priest of the Catholic Church can receive

c.) That the government has the right to deny



5) It is a grave offense against marriage:

a.) For spouses to attempt to regulate the spacing of children

b.) For governments to coerce parents to have fewer children

c.) For a person to seek an annulment if the spouse does not want it


6) The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls marriage:

a.) “a union of God with the human race”

b.) “a collaboration for raising children”

c.) “a partnership of the whole of life”



True or False

  • True The earliest non-biblical Christian text is sometimes referred to as Teaching of the Twelve Apostles and is also called the Didache


  • FALSE The Gospel of Luke is probably based on the preaching of St Paul


  • TRUE The Gospel of Mark is probably based on the preaching of St Peter


  • TRUE In the First Letter to the Corinthians, St Paul argued forcefully that Christians should not be suing each other in Roman courts (1 Corinthians 6:1-1a)


  • FALSE The Apostolic Fathers were Peter, James, and John


  • TRUE St Paul urged his fellow Christians to work out their salvation in fear and trembling


  • TRUE Peter said that some things in the letters of St. Paul are hard to understand.

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