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Catholic Answers Live - Bible Blueprint for Priesthood

August 15, 2019

Have you ever wondered why women cannot be Catholic priests? Is every person truly “priest, prophet, and king”? Listen in to hear Karlo Broussard explain the ins and outs of the Catholic priesthood.

Questions Covered:

  • 15:42 - Why is it that only priests and deacons give homilies? Why don’t lay people preach? 
  • 20:41 - Why is the Catholic priesthood the true priesthood and Mormon priesthood is not?  
  • 32:30 - Do you believe in the invisible priesthood (people who get married but have their eyes fixed on heaven and are more pastoral)? 
  • 36:33 - How can lay people live out their priesthood of all believers?    
  • 46:32 - My Protestant friend asked me about the priesthood. He asked, “Why don’t Catholics believe that someone else, outside of the Catholic Church, could be called to the priesthood?”  
  • 50:16 - Can women be priests? Why or why not?