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Catholic Answers Live - A Catholic Approach to Crisis

June 22, 2020

Questions Covered:

  • 23:44 - My guardian angel has saved my life so many times.  
  • 29:36 - Churches have been shut down here for 3 months and I have really been struggling without the Eucharist. Why is the American Church reacting like this? 
  • 39:50 - With the trajectory of where this is going, do you think the Bible will be taken away from us or banned? 
  • 45:40 - In Denver, they did away with Columbus Day. 
  • 48:23 - I have been turning to prayer a lot more since the pandemic started and I see a lot of good coming from it. 
  • 51:51 - Why is there a contradiction sometimes in points of views within the Catholic Church when Catholic values should unite us all?

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