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January 27, 2020




“It is certain that when the husband and wife are subject to one another ‘out of reverence for Christ,’ a just balance will be established such as to correspond to their Christian vocation in the mystery of Christ (Pope St. John Paul II, General Audience of Wednesday August 11, 1982).

How to Really Love Your Child, by Dr. Ross Campbell, explains the three ways children receive and feel love. They are 1) loving eye contact; 2) loving physical touch, and; 3) quality time. Because women feel and receive love similarly, they are often inherently better at communicating love to their children, whereas men sometimes have to work harder to communicate their love to wives and children, as this type of communication sometimes does not come as naturally to them. Ross goes so far as to say parents should never punish their children for misbehavior until they have cycled through these three ways of love, since misbehavior is often the child’s way of communicating their need for love. I have found this to be true in my own experience with my kids.

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