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A Seeking Heart - Your Money Counts 1/28/16

January 28, 2016

On Today's Show:

Your Money Counts (Catholic Edition):  God's direction for spending, saving, giving, investing and getting out of debt
**With heaving emphasis today on the GETTING OUT OF DEBT part!!   by Howard Dayton, Jon & Evelyn Bean
  • How we get here.  For me ... married young, never taught money management skills, spending as therapy
  • Realizing everything is FROM God and it is GOD'S; and well he gets it all back in the end 
  • Faithfulness (FIDELITY) -- God's to us, and us to God!!  Esp. us to God!!  He is always faithful, it is part of who He is, and he can not go against his nature.  Us - on the other hand!
  • Financial Fidelity and Contentment  ... Listen to more with Breadbox Media Host Jon & Evelyn Bean on Manage Your Money God's Way (10 am et Sat; 5 pm et Sun).
  • What is Debt - and the creative ways we accumulate it
  • 10 AWESOME ways to debt-free living!!  
For more visit Allison's Reconciled To You Blog  (much more to come on this subject!!)

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