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A Seeking Heart - Featuring: Pat Gohn - All In - 4/12/17

April 12, 2017

On this Episode:

Pat Gohn discusses her new book: All In: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters 

  • A book for those who might consider themselves, "wobbly in my faith"
  • Pat called All in her "9 chapter novena"
  • Church scandals and their effect on the faithful
  • Being the Beloved on Christ - and the never gonna divorce the Church lesson
  • The 'Mud Splashed Bride" Syndrome
  • Jesus - Human and Divine and why important we LOOK AT both
  • Confidence in the Church - How to Overcome this Obstacle
  • The Power of Baptism  (Adoption vs Birth into a family -- hint: No Different!)

Visit for more on All In: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters (Ave Maria Press); Among Woman Podcast and Catechist Magazine!

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