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A Seeking Heart - Featuring: Colleen Mitchell - 7/8/16

July 8, 2016

On This Episode:

 Author, blogger and Missionary - Colleen C Mitchell 
 Featuring her new book - out Aug 6th (Franciscan Media):  
  • St. Bryce Mission - Read MORE about Colleen and her family's amazing ministry 
  • "Mission of Christ the Redeemer"  Pope St. John Paul II 
  • The Blessing of  Service 
  •  A Life Surrendered to God after tragedy and loss ... Clinging to the Cross and Being too afraid to Pray again.  The both / and of how women respond to suffering in their life. 
  • "Seek God not God's Will" sage advice to discerning God's will 
  • The reaction of Jesus when the venerable approach him ... hint it is never GO AWAY!
  • Which Women of the Gospels are You?  A fun quiz from Colleen's website:  Blessed Are The Feet
  • For the Record -  I was Anna the Prophetess.  It was spot on for me actually!! LET me know what result you get!!  
  • Mary and Martha  ... and what did Jesus really mean by the better part
  • Making Time for Christ in our every day ... What is Christ INVITING you to?
  • Find out what a SYROPHOENICIAN woman is!!  And see if you have anything in common with her!
  • Want more??  Check out these shareable graphics on 
FOR MORE on Who Does He Say You Are ... read today's blog post on: 

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