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128 A Good Critic

September 7, 2020

In this edition, we’ll reflect on the readings for the Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time. (Cycle A) Each of us is a critic. Hundreds of times a day we mentally critique others, how they look, what they wear, how they drive, how they wear their mask, or not, how they complete a task, what they eat, say or do. Most of the time these thoughts are merely a matter of preference, (“I don’t know how you can listen to that music.”), or opinion, (“I don’t think that is a good color on you.”), or judgment, (“I think turning left here is faster than going straight.”), or values, (“I wouldn’t have done it that way because you left the most important thing unfinished.”) In most of these cases, our criticism is best left unsaid. However, we sometimes face situations where we must judge the moral implications of another person’s actions. What is the right thing to do in these situations? Our readings this Sunday give us guidance.

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