Young Catholics Respond: Diana Mao

September 15, 2018

On this episode of Young Catholics Respond, Bill Snyder talks with Diana Mao President and Co-Founder of the Nomi Network about their work to end human sex trafficking worldwide. For more information about the Nomi Network visit


Episode 14: The Whaley Show

September 14, 2018

In this all chat and muse episode Andrew breaks his rule already about talking about the scandal, but covers fasting, cell death, weight loss, break-fast, being on fire, Santa Barbara Keto Crawl, Mom makes her own tea, Mr. Man gets attacked by inanimate objects, half a bowl of food = the apocalypse, Perception vs. reality, LSD, faculties and objects, The Abolition of Man, Matrix in the seminar, being loved as self disclosure, Fr. Jaques Phillipe, espousal vs. single, celibate vs. single, sonship identity, and prison sex and the scandal.


Catholic Dads Podcast - Devices

September 14, 2018

Technology sure has come a long way.  Think of how many stand alone items that one device has replaced – camera, video camera, radio/CD/Tape player, alarm clock, calculator, calendar, level, compass… the list goes on.

Based on information from that device in your pocket likely has at least 240,000 times the memory of a Voyager spacecraft (16 GB vs. 69.63 KB).

With all that power and promise at your fingertips it’s no wonder that it can be a distraction.  So how do we deal with it?


Catholic Answers Live - Open Forum Part 2 9-13-18

September 14, 2018

The callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief.

Questions Covered:

  • 02:46 - How do we know that Mary did not commit sin in her lifetime?
  • 07:56 - What is the importance of saintly relics? 
  • 13:26 - I am new Catholic. Why would the tabernacle not be on or behind the altar, but to the side? 
  • 22:37 - My sister is not Catholic, but she came to Mass with me and received the Eucharist. How can I explain to her why she cannot receive? How can I explain how the True Presence is different than God being everywhere?
  • 35:00 - Is it possible in the context of a mixed marriage (where one person is Catholic and the other is not Christian) for the marriage to be valid, but not sacramental?
  • 39:25 - Do Catholics believe that people are born in sin? Wouldn’t that mean that Mary was born in sin?
  • 46:38 - Why does the Catholic Church hold to so much doctrine about Mary that has no biblical basis?
  • 52:38 - What is the difference between a doctrine and a dogma?

Catholic Answers Live - Open Forum Part 1 9-13-18

September 14, 2018

The callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief.

Questions Covered:

  • 02:01 - Was Jesus’ sacrifice in vain? Two thousand years have passed and we have had world wars and the worst kind of sin. 
  • 05:36 - Is it a good idea to do away with seminaries in order to deal with the scandal?
  • 08:50 - Are there any good resources that counter the orthodox arguments against the primacy of the Pope?
  • 21:25 - What is a good way to respond to Mormons who come to the front door saying Catholics don’t know their Bible?
  • 23:42 - Why do people generally talk about Ronald Reagan as a Protestant and not a Catholic?
  • 28:43 - What would be the Catholic tradition for a child born to a woman because of an affair? Would her husband take responsibility or would the man who is the father do so?
  • 32:52 - Why do Catholics display the crucifix and Protestants an empty cross?
  • 41:35 - Should radio stations and deacons be publicly asking for their bishops to resign?
  • 47:47 - Can you explain the Catholic view on drinking alcohol?

The Catholic Man Show - Marriage and the Eucharist with John Martignoni – Episode 126

September 14, 2018

Marriage and the Eucharist with John Martignoni

Episode 126

This episode is sponsored by The Catholic Woodworker

We enjoyed hosting John Martignoni in stud-io this week! We talk about the parallels in the Eucharist and Marriage. Be sure to check out John’s website for all his talks.

If this is your first time listening to The Catholic Man Show, we do 3 things every episode:

1.) Open, review, and enjoy a man beverage – Minutes 1-12.

2.) Highlight a man gear – Minutes 12-24.

3.) Have a manly conversation – Minutes 24-48.

MAN DRINK: Arrans 10 year single malt

MAN GEAR: A trailer

MAN TOPIC: Marriage and the Eucharist

If you haven’t listened to The Catholic Man Show before, check out our previous episodes here.

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Mary’s Touch - Eric LeMarque

September 14, 2018
This weekend we have an amazing story on this week's Mary's Touch Radio Program.   
  • Eric LeMarque is an international best-selling author of two books and inspirational speaker sharing his message of hope throughout the world. This former professional, Olympic, world-champion ice hockey player is additionally, one of the most famous, unrelenting and compelling survivors in history.
  • On February 6th, 2004, Eric, an expert snowboarder, set off for the top of 12,000-foot Mammoth Mountain in California's vast Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Wearing only a long sleeve shirt, a thin wool hat, the shells of his snowboarding pants and a light-weight jacket-with only four pieces of gum for food-he soon found himself chest-high in snow, plunging into the wilderness. By nightfall he knew he was in a fight for his life. Surviving eight-days in sub-freezing temperatures, he would earn the name, 'The Miracle Man' by stunned National Guard Black Hawk Chopper rescuers.
  • His survival is that of adversity, change, hope, ingenuity, perseverance, spiritual restoration and ultimate triumph. He goes around the country speaking about faith and awareness for the dangers of drugs and addiction.
  • Eric resides with his wife, Hope and their two children Nicholas and Zachariah in Southern California. 

Off the Shelf with Pete Socks - Episode 90 with Tom Lukes

September 14, 2018
On the episode of Off the Shelf we take  a look at God incidents. What are they? These are the little occurrences that God sends our way that. These are the things in life that happen to us that when we sit and think about them we have no other explanation for them then that they were the doing of Him. Join author Tom Lukes and I as we discuss his book God Incidents | True Stories of God Working in the Lives of Catholics.



Forte Catholic Ep 100 Celebration! Fun convos with 8 show favorite guests!

September 14, 2018

Huge celebration show planned for the 100th episode! We had 8 guests on this episode, all of which have had a huge impact on the show's history.

In the first segment, everyone's favorite Forte Catholic Character, "Rocco" the Eagles super-fan, returns to the show to give us an update on the Eagles and his faith. Then Taylor's two favorite priests, Fr. Anthony Sciarappa and Fr. Jared Cooke, face off to see if one of them can reign supreme by the end.

In the second segment, the bros Lance Rosen of the Catholic Coaster Podcast and Alex Gotay rejoin the show. We all make fun of each other, talk faith and culture & of course continue the Texas vs. Canada debate.

In the final segment, Chris Bartlett and J.P. Quinn rejoin the show with our surprise guest to talk favorite podcasts, Forte Catholic memories, Fortnite & more.

A huge thank you to everyone who has ever listened to the show, supported, shared, reviewed, etc. I couldn't have made it to 100 episodes without you. I hope you continue to enjoy as we #MakeCatholicismFunAgain together!



Forming Faithful Families: Episode 20

September 14, 2018

Healing Through Mercy and Forgiveness Part Two


The John 3:30 Podcast - Episode 65: Daniel Oberreuter

September 14, 2018

Episode #65 is here!! I speak with Daniel Oberreuter. He is the Lead Singer of the Catholic Rock Band, The Thirsting!! How does Daniel keep his fire burning for our Catholic Faith? Click play and let’s find out, together.

Items mentioned in the episode:

The Rosary:

The Thirsting:

Come Hold My Son:

YouTube Video of Daniel Speaking about the Rosary:

A BIG Thank you to our Executive Producer: Dr. Jeff Vista

Special thanks to Philip Strauch III for providing the Outro Music, "He must Increase." Text and Tune copyrighted.

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