Chuck ‘N Ann on Finance - Episode 28

July 16, 2018

This week on Chuck n' Ann on Finance:

*News of the weird segment covers more news from "A Florida man"
*Huge one day price drop in oil- what do the charts tell us and how can we read the movement of price on a stock chart?
*If Annie were a transformer, her name would be _______
*Amazon Prime Day approaches, and retail competitors are looking to take advantage
*(In the second half of the show)How can we use multi-generational interests to identify quality companies in which to invest?

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Catholic Answers Live - The Contraception Deception

July 16, 2018
  • 14:45 - Why do bishops and priests oppose Humanae Vitae?
  • 20:50 - How do I evangelize and talk to people about the evil of birth control?
  • 28:40 - How effective is NFP?
  • 34:06 - Do you have any concerns about the push from the Vatican to reread Humanae Vitae and reevaluate its meaning?
  • 35:50 - What was the origin of Humanae Vitae?
  • I never knew my biological parents due to my I considered the same as these children who never know their biological father?
  • 47:00 - I have a problem with NFP. I feel that it goes against being open to life.
  • 50:30 - To which saints can we ask intercession for fertility?
  • 53:15 - When was NFP created?

Catholic Answers Live - Kids Q&A - 7-13-18

July 16, 2018
  • 08:22 - Who is your favorite saint, Fr. Hugh? 
  • 15:11 - How do we know that Jesus is present in the Eucharist? 
  • 18:09 - Who wrote Genesis?
  • 23:19 - Do you think Adam and Eve had belly buttons?
  • 29:28 - Why was God made?
  • 32:46 - Why did God make the world?
  • 34:38 - At Pentecost, why is the gospel of John different from the others?
  • 39:19 - Where is the garden of Eden?  
  • 40:58 - When Jesus comes to earth to judge the living and the dead, will we all die at once or one by one?
  • 44:40 - I feel a calling to the priesthood and would like some advice.
  • 48:48 - When did all of traditions of the Catholic Church form?
  • 51:41 - Why doesn’t God sleep? Why don’t we say Pope Peter?
  • 53:04 - Why did God create animals that hurt us?

Bible Study Evangelista - A Throne for God: The “How” of the OT

July 16, 2018

Notes and References

Exodus 25:10-22, the exquisite description of the mysterious contents of the Holy of Holies

Exodus 20:4-5, “You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth…”

Numbers 3:29-31, The Levite tribe of Kohath was responsible for carrying the ark on the wilderness journey.

2 Samuel 6-8, David mistakenly allowed moving the ark by ox cart, resulting in its instability. Uzzah reached out to steady it and died as a result of touching it.

Exodus 25:10-22, The seat of the ark is called the mercy seat and was both a throne and oracle for God.

Leviticus 16, Description of the Day of Atonement, the highest holy day of the Israelite year. It was the only day anyone was allowed inside the Holy of Holies, and then it could only be the high priest (vs 2). The high priest sprinkled the blood of atonement on the mercy seat 7 times on this day.

Hebrews 9:3-5, The contents of the ark were a pot of manna, the rod of Aaron, and the Ten Commandments.

Deuteronomy 9:10, The two tables of stone were written with the finger of God, and on them were all the Ten Words which the Lord had spoke to Moses on the mountain out of the midst of the fire on the day of the assembly at Sinai.

Josh.4:4, ff and Judg. 20:27, The ark accompanied Israelite armies in battle and its presence is attested at the siege of Jericho and in the War of Benjamin.

Full notes of Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant are here.

Episode Resources

Article on Mary as the Biblical “Portent” or “Sign” of the Church, here.

“Mary is a special young lady, but she is human and depraved, just as you and I are,” was the non-denominational pastor’s Christmas post this week. As I read the word “depraved,” I shuddered.

Ironic, since—as a non-Catholic researching my way into the Catholic Church—my complete incredulity regarding the Church’s teachings on Mary cannot be overstated. I shared this Protestant pastor’s sentiment up to my full communion, and continued to harbor the suspicion for years afterward.

Honestly? I was scandalized by the Church’s assertions that God predestined…

A list of quotes from Church History regarding Mary as the Ark of the New Covenant, along with the year of the writing.

Fulfilled, Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism, Chapter 12, The Throne of God

Ignite, Chapters 6 & 7, The How of the Bible

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The Frank Friar - Episode 99: Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Her Feast Day

July 16, 2018

The episode today is going out on the Feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  In the episode I talk about some of the scriptural passages that the Order of Carmel uses for this feast day.  This day helps us to recall her maternal embrace through the scapular devotion that has been entrusted to the Order.  Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pray for Us.

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Mary’s Touch - Dr. Mary Amore

July 16, 2018
his weekend we will replay Dr. Mary Amore story on this week's Mary's Touch Radio Program.   


* Dr. Mary Amore holds a Doctor of Ministry Degree and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Catholic Theological Union.  

* She is the author of Primary Symbols of Worship and the Call to Participation and the newly released DVD entitled Eucharist: A Journey to Transformation, Healing and Discipleship. A Cardinal Bernardin Scholar and distinguished member of the North American Academy of Liturgy, Mary is a highly sought after presenter of parish missions in the area of the Eucharist and Pope Francis Year of Mercy,  plus workshops, seminars and retreats.  

* A monthly columnist at Ministry and Liturgy Magazine, Dr. Amore also serves as the full time Executive Director of Mayslake Ministries in Downers Grove, Il.  Mary is a wife, mother and grandmother!  

* She sahres with us about her passion and devotion to our Blessed Mary.  



Young Catholics Respond: Tony Agnesi

July 14, 2018

This week on Young Catholics Respond Bill Snyder talks with Catholic storyteller, blogger and speaker Tony Agnesi about his ministry and new book, A Storyteller’s Guide to Joyful Service: Turning Your Misery into Ministry. For more information about Tony and his ministry visit


Off the Shelf with Pete Socks - Episode 81 - with Paul George

July 13, 2018
On this episode of Off the Shelf Paul George and I dig into what is true happiness. In our consumeristic society many people seek happiness through material goods but come up empty every time. As Paul says in his book Rethink Happiness: Dare to Embrace God and Experience True Joy, “I spent the first twenty years of my life seeking things that didn’t satisfy me – things that were counterfeit.” Listen in and learn how to fill that God shaped hole we all have. 



Catholic Answers Live - Open Forum 2 7-10-18

July 13, 2018

The callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief.

Questions Covered:

03:59 - Why do we emphasize devotions to Mary more than we emphasize devotions to the Holy Spirit?

09:28 - Why is salvation a process rather than a moment?

15:48 - Does the Church approve of marijuana?

21:49 - If we ever got to a point where the pope were to contradict a prior pope on a substantial issue, what would be the next step for Catholics?

35:11 - Can you give some clarification on Orthodox churches that aren’t in communion with Rome, but still have valid sacraments?

40:52 - What are the main differences between the Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass?

46:00 - Is it all right for us to evangelize to our Protestant family members by encouraging them to become more involved in their current churches?

48:45 - Does a Christian need to be Catholic in order to be saved?

53:18 - When Jesus promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail, does Hell translate from the Greek as “Gehenna” or “Sheol?”


Catholic Answers Live - Open Forum 7-10-18

July 13, 2018

The callers choose the topics during Open Forum, peppering our guests with questions on every aspect of Catholic life and faith, the moral life, and even philosophical topics that touch on general religious belief.

Questions Covered:

07:30 - Why do we distribute two different species of bread and wine for the Eucharist when this was forbidden at the Council of Trent?

17:31 - In light of modern non-Catholic churches whose worship services are more like rock concerts, is there an objective Catholic understanding of what worship is?

22:21 - What should I do with my old Protestant bibles?

28:43 - Can you explain to me the doctrine of Mary as Co-Redemptrix?

34:30 - Is the Marian apparition at Medjugorje approved? 

36:55 - I want to join the Church, but I’ve divorced and remarried already. Do we need to be living in a certain state in order for me to begin the process?

48:52 - Why are the New Testament books written in Greek when Jesus spoke Aramaic? 

50:25 - Why did St. Jerome go more with the Masoretic Hebrew text instead of the Septuagint?


The Hope and Healing of Humanae Vitae

July 13, 2018

One Woman’s Journey of Faith and Healing on the 50th Anniversary of Paul VI’s Encyclical with Alyssa Bormes

On the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s prophetic and ground-breaking encyclical on human life, Humanae Vitae, WINE: Women In the New Evangelization is offering the powerful testimony of woundedness, mercy, and healing, presented by author, teacher and speaker, Alyssa Bormes.

A survivor of rape, multiple abortions, a dangerous marriage, and thoughts of suicide, Bormes is a heroic testament to the healing power of self-forgiveness, the freeing ministry of the Catholic Church, conversion, and gratitude.

Sponsored by WINE: Women In the New Evangelization, Bormes’ address is deeply needed in our current culture. For such a time as ours, the Lord is calling to women to work in the beauty of their natural gifts as women. WINE is a movement in the Catholic Church that seeks to empower women to work within their God-given gifts as women to nurture, heal, and build up the body of Christ.

Episode 7: The Whaley Show

July 13, 2018

In this episode: 30 days on the diet, nightshades are shady, ugly vs. fat, a scandalous story of Andrew accidentally picking up a model in a bar, fashion advice for historical Steve Jobs, Mac purging as a spiritual discipline, being accosted by beauty with affection at Aldi and other public places, Facebook questions about toilet paper, climate’s effect on worldview, and the Jaques Maritain/Saul Alinksky correspondence, Thai soccer boys buried hidden in a cave are valuable and to be saved, Elon Musk is the awkward Tony Stark, Brett Kavanaugh is evidently a Catholic boy scout, babies hidden in wombs are not valuable and not to be saved evidently, NPR women don’t believe your really pro-life and they might be right, blinding flash of the obvious and CSD is the answer, a correction from last week, hacking StoryBrand for a before the brand soul searching process, website building as discernment, millennials are magic, distributed cognition, a crazy La Guardia coincidence story, God’s weird method of getting Andrew’s attention, St. Benedict poking Andrew, mathematics as metaphor, the Limit as the spiritual life, and On the Assignment of Impossible Tasks, and shout outs.


The Catholic Man Show - Where’d all this stuff come from? – Episode 117

July 13, 2018

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3.) Have a manly conversation – Minutes 24-48.


MAN GEAR: A Tie Rack

MAN TOPIC: Materialism


Forming Faithful Families: Episode 11

July 13, 2018

Reversion Testimonial of James Littleton, happily married father of nineteen
 (Episode Two)


Setting the Record Straight - After Thoughts On Being Shipwrecked - 7/9/18

July 13, 2018

Castaways, Castaways, Castaways All ! We have been marooned by the retreating tide of Christianity. Our country cannot survive long without its culture. Our culture cannot survive long without its cult…its Christianity.  Like the novel Robinson Crusoe we have been edited into a secular version of ourselves.  A culture that has been deliberately secularized has been eviscerated.