Our Catholic Way: Deacon Patrick Lappert and Courage International

September 12, 2016
    This week I decided to veer from the norm to bring you an episode on the Courage Apostolate, a true gift to those struggling with same-sex attraction yet desiring holiness. Courage shows men and women how those competing desires can co-exist through living chaste lives of fellowship, truth and love.

    Deacon Patrick Lappert, a convert to Catholicism and previous OCW guest, serves as a volunteer with Courage International and returns to the show to tell us about this life-affirming ministry.

Brief Show Notes:
-- Visit the website for Courage International by clicking HERE.
-- Former pastor's wife, Sheri Muenstermann, is expected to be next week's guest
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(Correction: I mistakenly say the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was Tuesday, September 8th, however it was Thursday.)