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A Seeking Heart - 4 Keys to Love (Day 2) 4/28/16

April 28, 2016

On This Episode:

Our on-air book club continues by discussing more of the themes and topics presented in The Four Keys to Everlasting Love by Karee and Manuel P. Santos (Ave Maria Press) -  in some cases we could say LOOSELY follow.  HEY ... I can NOT control how other people's awesome writing inspires my heart to speak:

  • Trusting God - even when we seem to be MISSING  or misinterpreting HIS plan.  Guess that is why Jeremiah said, "FOR I KNOW the plans I have for you" and not "YOU KNOW THE PLANS..."
  • Recognizing GOD can never forsake or abandon us - HIS Promises are True.  HE is Faithful
  • GOOD Conversation starters - with family at dinner or friends at a party!
  • How did or do you decide the extent of in-law involvement in your life? When to jump into an discussion with your kids - OR NOT!! How will or do you handle holidays?? 
  • Family-friendly Career choices
  • The RIPPLE effect of decisions on those you love - finances; career; etc 
  • SAVE THE DATE:  Aug 13th - FREE special, for the Year of Mercy, Forgiveness Women's Retreat  - Holy Family East Taunton MA ... **more information coming soon!!
Don't MISS author, Karee Santos tomorrow 10 am et LIVE