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The Winter Coat

December 11, 2019

Growing up in a blue collar family, having a new coat for winter was truly a welcomed gift.  That is one of the reasons I remember my Aunt Jay so fondly.  Each year she would scrimp and save from her 90-cent an hour job at the dry cleaners to buy winter coats for my cousins, Diane, Steven, and Susan, and my sister Angie and me. In this podcast, Tony discusses sacrifices and a new coat.

Scripture: Give and gifts will be given to you, a good measure, packed together shaken down and overflowing, will be poured into your lap.  Luke 6:38

Reflections: Was there someone in your life who sacrificed for you?  How did it make you feel when you realized how much love was involved?  Have you ever been the “angel” for someone?

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