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The Storytellers - Tyler Rowley

November 23, 2020

In Because of Our Fathers, twenty-three Catholics—including Patrick MadridAbby JohnsonBishop Joseph StricklandFather Paul ScaliaJesse RomeroAnthony EsolenFather Rocky, Christopher Check, and Father Gerald Murray—give portraits of their own fathers as conduits and models of Christian love. Ranging from the heroic to the ordinary, these powerful testimonies will inspire men to consider more deeply the amazing privilege that God has given them to become, despite their imperfection, a living image of our Father in Heaven.

The introduction and conclusion by editor Tyler Rowley serve as a wake-up call. Illustrating the Church’s teaching on fatherhood with current research on the family, he makes clear the urgent need for men who take seriously the God-given, grace-filled task of raising children.

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