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The Storytellers - Jim Sano

January 18, 2021

Jim Sano grew up in an Irish/Italian family in Massachusetts. Jim is a husband, father, life-long Catholic and has worked as a teacher, consultant, and businessman. He has degrees from Boston College and Bentley University and is currently attending Franciscan University for a Master’s degree in Catechetics and Evangelization. He has also attended certificate programs at The Theological Institute for the New Evangelization at St. John’s Seminary and the Apologetics Academy. Jim is a member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild and has enjoyed growing in his faith and now sharing it through writing novels. The Father’s Son (released August 15, 2019) is Jim’s first novel and is the recipient of the Catholic Writers Guild’s Seal of Approval Award for editorial integrity and faithfulness to Catholic teaching.

Jim resides in Medfield, Massachusetts with his wife, Joanne, and has two daughters, Emily and Megan.

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