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The Storytellers - Episode 032: Ray Haywood

November 19, 2019

Ray Haywood is a devoted husband to his wife, Natalie. They have been married for the past thirty years. Together they intentionally raised two faith-filled sons, Nicholas and Frank within the foundation of faith, the sacraments. Ray shares in more than 26 years of willful fatherhood and parenting experience. Now living in North Carolina, Ray and Natalie operate a small family owned car dealership. They are faithful parishioners of Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through active parish involvement, Ray's family's faith continues to grow in the New Covenant teachings of the Catholic Church. He is devoted to handing on the faith filled gifts to all men of good faith wherever they may be in their faith journey. He finds this to be his call to action in his own faith journey.

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