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The Eucharist Throughout Scripture With Steve Ray

December 14, 2020
I am honored to once again have Steve Ray join me to discuss a very important topic. Today's show is all about the Eucharist.
Steve takes us on a journey from his time as a Baptist and what he thought of the eucharist and how his views started to change. In doing so he discusses the foreshadowing of the Eucharist that appear in different parts of the Old Testament. He then discusses the Last supper narratives and John 6 in great detail. If you want to know more about the Eucharist then this is the show for you.


On another note, Steve has organized a virtual Bible conference on January 8-10 2021 where 50 Bible scholars and teachers teach about various aspects of the Bible. You must check it out at Also check out Steve's website for great resources to help you understand and defend the faith.

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