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The Counter Position Episode 289- Digital Distraction: Hot Tub Selfies, Restaurant Security Footage, Vibrating Mice Up Pants’ Legs, and a 1990 Coffee Tour

March 2, 2017

In this episode Andrew, after a quick Ash Wednesday recap, wades into the topic of the digital effect on our lives and the way we communicate and relate, including a kid taking selfies in the hot tub and gripping his Jordans like “The Precious”, a restaurant that analyzed why dining took so much longer now vs. earlier in their space, an article in The Week about new tech-induced brain disorders, a story about Andrew getting surprised by the vibration of a new beeper and thinking it was something that crawled up his leg, Andrew’s mom hearing phantom drive-thru bell rings, the off-putting nature of someone’s full attention in a distracted society, and finally, a rapid fire walk through a bunch of stuff we think is normal but that is brand new in a coffeehouse and the we relate their.