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The Counter Position Episode 287- Weekend Recap, A Straussian Reading of Envelopegate, True Diversity Requires the Universal, and In Defense of  Rachel Dolezal vs. Trans Activists

February 27, 2017

In this episode Andrew, in an “Indian food nap” but not quite the “sushi coma”, starts with a weekend recap including his experience of seeing the amazing work of Ali Cavanaugh at the Abend Gallery, a big Catholic Mardi Gras shindig, falling flat on his face on concrete while getting cigarettes for a friend, and an Oscar party full of CL types. Then, Andrew wades into the production of conspiracy theory with his own look at the potential explanation and meaning of the Oscars Best Picture envelope debacle and casts it as political kabuki. Then after a healthy rant about being sick of being given to false realities to choose between, demonization of the other and racism on one side and identity politics on the other, Andrew makes an argument that the pursuit truly Catholic (universal) things that answer the longing of the human person per se will end in a real holistic diversity and that the things bigger than man are what can bring different types of men from different backgrounds together into community. Finally, he talks about a story about Rachel Dolezal, the white woman caught passing as black and rising to a leadership position in the black community, and how she has been ostracized and attacked by trans activists for using the phrase “trans-racial” and “trans-black.” Andrew builds an argument/rant that race is why more logical to be viewed as based on perception than gender is, and threatens to start a Go Fund Me page for Rachel just to tick off the trans activists.