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The Counter Position Episode 278- Calix on the Road: Travel Woes, Save the Pizza!!, and What Part of “Table. Discussion. Leader.” Didn’t You Understand.

February 6, 2017

In this episode Andrew is in Flint, MI recapping a crazy trip for Calix this weekend, including an icy Uber near wreck, forgotten CPAP parts, O’Hare strikes again, Duckie to the rescue, race relations and the intimacy of travel, The Great Pizza Fire of 2017, Jonathan Reyes and life changing work at St. Luke’s Sewing Center, a shout out to the first guy to smoke a fish, how Andrew is a bad primate, Sacred Heart Seminary, recovering Charismatic, Life in the Spirit, “Table. Discussion. Leader” volunteering, getting roped into praying over people, congrats to the Pats, not the GOAT, not an active shooter after all, and a Juniper Rose Latte.