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The Counter Position Episode 283- Weekly Recap, What Are You Not Telling Me, Pacific Storm “Lucifer?”, and Musings on Globalism

February 17, 2017

In this episode, after recap/catch-up including Candlelight Mass, Andrew’s single state getting put on blast, and a shout out to an old friend, Andrew, inspired by ICE’s tweets claiming there has been not uptick in immigration enforcement, but rather a slight drop, dives into the question of the media and how what they choose to silent on over time is as important as what they do say. Then, he bemoans the problem of looking to alternative media and the issue of fake news and admits to being almost faked out by links claiming that the storm hitting CA right now is named Lucifer, when in fact it is not named that at all. Finally, after a quick skim of Mark Zuckerberg’s new manifesto, he rants and muses about global vs. local, the rise of the increasingly larger contexts to live in, the concept of a citizen, whether borders or house walls are inherently racist or oppressive, and whether or not a global Common Good when taken as “overlapping concerns” would leave us much to be connected by. 

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