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The Counter Position Episode 272- Marching in Silence

January 23, 2017
In this episode, after a quick chatty weekend recap involving candles, mass, bourbon, Werner Herzog, CL, Dr. Holly Peterson, pizza, wine, and sinus headaches, Andrew dives into the first couple days of the Trump administration, wonders why Republicans always start so awkwardly, but gives Trump props on the Mexico City Policy reinstatement. Then, he talks about the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the division in our country by talking about the big women’s march in DC, Walk for Life West Coast, and the upcoming March for Life, and by using some concepts from the movie Silence, including concepts vs. encounter, conversion vs. sharing our recipe, the nature of acts vs. the results, and the obscurity of some acts in their essence. Finally, he makes a plea for us to break out of our bunkers, ideological, digital, and otherwise and do the hard vulnerable work of learning the language and life of our opponents to the point that we can longer demonize them and have a shot at being understood. 

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