The Catholic Man Show Episode 39 - Knock knock. Who’s there? Jehovah Witnesses

January 28, 2017

Thank you to Jim Finster for sending us a delicious and interesting 100% straight rye whiskey! Here’s a good question, how has duct tape not been a man gear yet? And what topic do you focus on when a Jehovah Witness knocks on your door?

Tastings notes for Whistlepig:

Nose: Allspice, orange peel, anise, oak, char and caramel

Palate: Sweet; hints of caramel and vanilla, followed by rye­spice and mint

Finish: Long finish; warm butterscotch and caramel

How have we not done duct tape as a man gear? Who is to blame here? How it is used, the origins of duct tape, and even how you can win $10,000 using duct tape was part of the discussion.

Adam and Dave talk about what happens when a Jehovah Witness knocks on your door. What should you do? What do you talk about? What are the tactics of Jehovah Witnesses? Are Jehovah Witnesses Christian?

We also highlighted the successful Tulsa March for Life!

We would love to hear from you so reach out to us on our Facebook page! We are on the Lord’s team. The winning side. So raise your glass! Cheers to Jesus!

Man Drink: Whistlepig 10yr Straight Rye Whiskey (Thank you to Jim Finster!)

Man Gear: Duct Tape

Man Topic: Talking with Jehovah Witnesses

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