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Simply Holy 032: What Will You Give Your Mother on Her Birthday?

September 2, 2020

What Will You Give Your Mother on Her Birthday? After a brief sabbatical to recover from the loss of her mother-in-law, Marge is back to bring you more joy, inspiration, and simply everyday spirituality. In this episode Marge asks the question, “What will you give your mother for her birthday?” The mother she’s referring to, however, isn’t your human mother. It’s your heavenly Mother – Mary – and her birthday is September 8. The Nativity of the Blessed Mother is cause for universal rejoicing, as St. John Damascene said. What might that rejoicing look like? How can you celebrate the birthday of a divine rather than human mother? Marge explains how that can be done and gives three great ways to really celebrate your Mother’s birthday. And yes, cake and ice cream is included!

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