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Salt and Light - Episode 51: The Chapel Veil

January 17, 2019

Happy Feast Day to our Patron Saint! St Antony the Abbot, pray for us!

As a follow up to last week's episode on the Traditional Latin Mass or Tridentine Mass, which is climbing the charts as one of our most downloaded episodes ever (second to our interview with Bishop Robert Barron), we are talking about the beautiful tradition of veiling. Why did women used to do it? Does it appear in Scripture? Why did women stop? Why is it making a comeback?!

Also, we have a MAJOR announcement as well! This entire episode is available as normal in audio format on our website or any podcasting app you enjoy, BUT it is also available in video format WITH an extended portion of the show where Chuck and Annie continue the discussion and Annie demonstrated different types of veils and tips on how to keep them in place! This exclusive content, gift, and more are available by supporting Salt and Light on patreon.

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Taylor Schroll, Kathryn Alva, Hilda Sanchez

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