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S2 E8 Amanda Martinez Beck “These are the treasures of the Church.”

February 25, 2020


Amanda Martinez Beck is the author of Lovely: How I Learned to Embrace the Body God Gave Me, as well as co-founder and editor for Ruah Storytellers (whose Lenten series launches tomorrow!).
In this episode, Amanda shares what drew her to convert to Catholicism nearly five years ago and how recognizing herself as God’s treasure has impacted her life.
Amanda shares a quote from St. Lawrence in the third century, in reference to the sick, the infirm, and others cast aside in Roman society:
“These are the treasures of the Church.”
She also shares a mind-blowing line she received from the Holy Spirit in prayer, which is worthy of its own episode: “Culture turns the wall of the human heart into a door.”

Amanda introduces herself as the fat woman behind the Instagram account @your_body_is_good and the cohost of the Fat & Faithful podcast. You can learn more about her newest project, The Good Body Initiative, at her website,  

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