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#principleoftheday: When the vail of heaven is revealed, we will see God in “every-thing”

October 23, 2020

God communicates a lot to us in many unexpected ways, and the spiritual realm is considered to be more real and important to pay attention to by the Catholic Church, than the physical. In the 1960s America was looking at her people getting into a 4-hour work week. What Happened? Listen as Ann Vandersteel, of Steel Truth, and I tackle the unfortunate truths that keep you moving around your day to day, purposefully keeping you busy, distracted, and possibly unknowingly complacent in the globalists NWO mindset, simply to keep power over permanently ending some of the world's toughest problems, to which we already have solutions and have had some of them for decades! For more from Ann on Steel Truth, follow her here: 

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