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#principleoftheday: The mind is the battlefield. False beliefs & fear of facing God tears down ___.

November 14, 2019

#principleoftheday: The mind is the battlefield, and false beliefs & fear of facing God (the truth) holds back & tears down _________.

🍿 ________ attempts to hide God, alter God, become God, & as a result create a fear of facing exceptional amounts of shame in others as they sin without knowing, and then must face it eventually.

🤯 This tears ________ down, & all who follow them, as few desire want to confront the ”false temple” they are facing & contributed in the acts.

🙈🙉🙊 It’s far easier to conform & allow sin to happen under the ”guise” of loving someone (justify fear), than it is to love _________ enough to tell the truth, even if it hurts.

😍 _______ must love truth to grow, & to see where they can improve in both their successes and failures. We can't seek to improve by assuming we “know”.

🤓 This


#mindset creates growth in all, rather than submission to “what we believe we know now” (


#thoughtoftheday), which stunts growth.

💡 True


#innovation is in recreating the wheel, or even imagining a world where the wheel is obsolete. 😉

😇 To get there, we must release control in avoiding faults, & accept the truth in love, allowing ourselves to see the truth in all things.

🧠 The mind is the first piece of land we steward.

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