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#principleoftheday: In every communication there are errors

October 30, 2019

🤔 Are people changing facts based on how they feel? How can you be professionally trapped by other people’s fear, as you do what is right?

😇 Love looks to the consistency of care, ignoring small errors, while confronting errors that are known and continue without consideration for all in the long term, not short.

⚰️ Judgement is meant to be righteous, and as such, you must be forgiving, and also be willing to confront someone demanding forgiveness from you as a means of permission to harm, avoid confronting the sin, or avoid confessing it as happening by saying you aren’t truly forgiving unless you “allow the sin” to take place without ever confronting it.

📫 Be willing to separate if necessary, as care in confrontation will not come clear without separation.

🙏🏻 Overtime, as you show grace and respectfulness from afar, people have a greater likelihood in recognizing their own faults causing the issue, and asking others to eat the fault, rather than simply allowing grace to be given to them in admitting faults that cause harm to all.

🧬 Nothing good will come of participating parties who cannot maintain mutually respectful boundaries. They must be willing to apply rules of conduct to others & themselves.

⚖️ God leads, & we follow.

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