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#principleoftheday: Don’t fear the truth, love it!

December 20, 2019

💩Fraud detection can be tough, but learn some dynamics to protect yourself against fraud and harm from others who have intention in doing so.

🤥 “Kind lies” are not kind but harmful when you accept them as true.

😱Most fraud is done under the guise of care for people, when it is actually harming them and making more money, power, or something else for certain people all above others, where things are kept “hidden” from view at great cost to individuals and families. 

🤔How do you know you people are participating in an intentional fraud? 

💡They keep the status quo for things of the earth, because they are too “bought in”.

😍Love the truth, as it will set you free! 

#duediligence #fakenews #nlp #economics #fraud #cancerpatients #mentalhealth #publicpolicy #impeachmenthearings


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