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Marie Miller “Little Dreams” - Lisa Hendey & Friends #104

May 26, 2020

On this week's show, we converse about the joy of music, creating during Coronavirus, and the beauty of "Little Dreams" with singer/songwriter Marie Miller.

About Marie Miller

Marie Miller is a singer/songwriter and mandolin player from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. She grew up on a small vineyard with her parents and nine siblings in an old house named Glenway. Her most notable performance was for Pope Francis and 700,000 attendees at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, PA.

About Little Dreams

With LITTLE DREAMS Miller has chosen to return to the acoustic, folk-oriented, approach of her roots. But she’s still creating music for the same reason she always has: a desire to connect people with beauty, solace, and cheer. “It’s the reason why I came, the reason why I’ll stay,” to pull a line from the album’s title track. “No matter where I go, beauty finds me somehow,” she says. Still, LITTLE DREAMS isn’t following the script of “happily ever after” after hard times; this is an album that encounters the moments when all seems dark, and cold winds threaten to blow out your internal spark. Everyone’s got that spark. For Miller, it’s to make music that asks listeners to acknowledge their own spark— the motivating force that reminds us all why we’ve been put on this earth.

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