Manage Your Money God’s Way - Tips on how to stop struggling financially and what to talk about before you get married.

October 29, 2016

Part 1 Are You Struggling with Money?

If your finances are a challenge, tracking your spending is the only true way to know exactly where your money is going. By tracking every penny for 30-60-90 days you can create a budget, based on what you actually spend. If you are into spreadsheets. Here is one that will help you track your spending: 30 Day Tracking-Income and Expense

Once you have tracked your spending for a few months, you can create a budget that actually works. Make sure that you and your spouse are both on the same page and there are no surprises coming. Here are some suggested categories for your budget:   Spending Plan Categories.

After you get a handle on your spending, be sure your retirement is funded.  These Retirement calculators will help you with various aspects of planning for retirement. After clicking on the link, open the Retirement Savings and Planning link.  Once you have a budget, planning for retirement becomes much easier.

The average Social Security check is $1,180 a month, which is $14,160 a year. To find out what your Social Security benefits are, click on and in a few minutes you will see you benefits.


Part 2 - God, Marriage & Money

God, Marriage & Money is a book specifically designed for couples who are engaged to be married. Most couples spend more time discussing the flavor of their wedding cake than talking about their finances. Yet finances are something they’ll deal with every day of their married lives.

This book has everything needed to have an open and honest discussion about finances before the wedding!  You can order your copy of the book or download a copy to your E-reader. This is a perfect read if you or a friend or family member is engaged or newly married.


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