Manage Your Money God’s Way: Podcast - 5/15/17 - Is your bank costing you $$$? Here’s how you can bank for free.

May 15, 2017

Manage Your Money God's Way with Jon & Evelyn Bean - May 15, 2017

Here are the best practices for selecting your bank and avoiding fees:  

• How often will you actually visit the bank building and how convenient is it?
• Will you need to access the bank in other cities?
• How quickly does the bank credit deposits to your account?
• Is the bank FDIC insured?
• What are the fees for the accounts you need?
• Are there minimum balance requirements?
• Is online banking available?
• What happens if you bounce a check?

How to avoid banking fees:
• Keep your check register up-to-date.
• Use automatic payments.
• Review your account statement and balance your checkbook and savings account every month
• Sign up for online alerts when your balance dips below a certain level.

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