Manage Your Money God’s Way - New Beginnings and Contentment

September 10, 2016

Fall and the start of school is a mini-New Year, time to get back on track with your resolutions so you can begin 2017 in the best financial shape possible.

Rather than having those fall expenses on your credit card for months…make an effort to pay off 100% of new September charges by the end of September, plus make the minimum payment on old debt from previous months.

Next and very important, track your spending so you can see if you are wasting money or spending on what is most important to you. Download our 30 Day Tracking-Income and Expense spreadsheet to help you get organized. (Remember to save this spreadsheet as soon as you click on it.)

If you need help categorizing your spending, to be sure you are spending less that you make, check out our Spending Plan Categories.
These two tools will help you focus on paying down/off your debt and getting organized with your finances.

As you get a handle on your spending you will be able to build that emergency fund—the initial goal is $1,000.  Once you get there, work towards saving one month’s salary.
As a reminder write down the 4 things you need to do, and put them several places (bathroom mirror, car, fridge, etc.) so you are reminded of them often during the day
1.    Track every penny
2.    Spend less than you make
3.    Focus on debt payoff
4.    Build your emergency fund

Running hand in hand with having a new beginning is learning to be CONTENT.  I know it can be challenging with all the temptations that surround you.  The first lesson is knowing what God wants you to do in handling money and being faithful to actually do it.



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