Manage Your Money God’s Way - Navigate Your Finances God’s Way

September 3, 2016

Navigating Your Finances God’s Way is a nine-week Bible study that is done in a small group, which meets for two hours each week. Preparation for the small group takes about 15 minutes each day and consists of Bible verses to read and questions to answer, which are discussed in the small group meeting. Additionally, there are personal financial exercises to complete. No personal financial information is ever shared with the small group

We provide all the tools to help you succeed in your journey to financial freedom -

If you would like to introduce this Bible study to your parish, or start a group on your own, call us at 844-447-6263  or fill out the contact form on the Compass Catholic website - (the contact form is also located on each page of the website).

The journey to financial freedom begins with a prayer, your commitment, and taking the first step – make this Bible study your first step.


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