Manage Your Money God’s Way - Financial Windfalls and Being a Good Steward

August 13, 2016

First Half – Financial Windfalls

So you come into some extra money, the amount really doesn’t matter. What are you going to do with the bonus cash?  Spend it on something you’ve been wishing for, treat yourself to a nice vacation, expensive dinner, or pay off debt (that’s boring)?  Here’s some food for thought.

Give some away. We are recommending that you give 10% of any money that comes your way unexpectedly.  Your church is a good place to start. If you are looking at charities, do your homework, find a charity that you have a passion for, you’ve admired the work they’ve done and more importantly be sure your donation is being used wisely.

Have your started an emergency fund?  If you have saved $1,000, then concentrate on growing it to 1 month, then 3 months, then 12 months of income.  This way you’ll be prepared if something unforeseen occurs.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt. Don’t think I need to say more . . . other than this should be a priority . . . think of all the interest you are paying over the life of that debt. That alone should motivate you to pay off the credit card debt because the money should be in your pockets instead of giving it the the bank or credit card companies.

Save for major purchases.  Windfalls are a great way to build-up your savings for large ticket items such as a home, a car, retirement, or your child’s education.

Second Half – Being a Good Steward

Do you think that Stewardship is all about the the pastor or bishop asking for money?

The reality is Stewardship is a way of life. It’s living in a way that pleases God in all areas of our lives, even when it comes to our own personal finances.   Think of it this way…being a good steward, you are putting God in first place and money has some other lower priority in your life. 


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