Manage Your Money God’s Way - Do you have some money challenges?

January 28, 2017

Part 1:  Do You Struggle with Money?

Are you struggling with money?  Track your spending and create a budget—it’s the only true way that you will know exactly where your money is going. Click the link below to download a spreadsheet to track your income and outgo. Open and save it before you fill in any information: 30 Day Tracking-Income and Expense

Once you have tracked your money for a few months, then put together a budget. Make sure that you are discussing this with your spouse so you are both on the same page and there are no surprises coming. Here are some recommended ways to categorize your spending:  Spending Plan Categories

How are you doing when it comes to funding your retirement account?  These retirement calculators will help you see how much you will need in retirement, and help you figure out a savings goal. Click this link and scroll down to the retirement calculators.

The average Social Security check is $1180 a month, that’s $14,160 a year, which may not be enough to live on. Click on to access the Social Security site and estimate your benefits.

Insight into what the Bible tells us are the best practices for handling money is available via a FREE eBook Your Money Counts…Click on the Green Box “Available As Compass EBook” link to access it.


Part 2: God, Marriage & Money

Couples preparing for marriage spend hours discussing the plans for their wedding day, but most will spend little if any time discussing how they will handle finances every day for the rest of their lives. This small workbook has been designed to open the lines of communication about finances. Learn how to uncover those unanswered issues in your relationship that are related to money and possessions.

Learn more about God, Marriage & Money here:


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