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God: The Podcast - Episode 4 with Dr. Paul Jones

November 14, 2017

This week Patch sits down with Dr. Paul Jones of Transylvania University. Dr. Jones is the professor of religion at Transy. He's a world traveler, a church kid from way back, a member of the Jesus seminar, and as you'll see, something of a raconteur. In Dr. Jones, Patch discovers someone he wishes he had known when he was struggling with his faith. Dr. Jones' approach to Christianity, doesn't just give lip service to questions and doubts. It clears a space at the table for them and invites them to say a few words before dinner. Patch and Dr. Jones discuss that place where Christianity and rationalism collide and what we, as thinkers, are to do with this collision. This one, as well as Dr. Jones' heart, seem made for people struggling with Christianity (and haven't entered the struggle with any needed outcomes). Listen! 

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