Breadbox Media

Episode 4: The Whaley Show

June 14, 2018

In this episode: Altra running shoes revisited, meditations on keto, being fat and interventions, a family reunion, fights about Wal-mart, the little UN of Jayā€™s Crispy Chicken, on the killing of chickens, the Peloponnese in Southern MO and IL, the Civil War, a hack for automotive technology as a communication of human intention, Trump in Singapore and a recalling of predictions, Anthony Bourdain, suicide revisited, on being removed as the star of your film, longing and happiness, hog killing as community, Giussani and The Religious Sense, the baby washed up on the desert island revisited, Mr. Rogers, humanity and sanctity, insider stories about a normal saint, shoutouts, more things revisited, revisited revisited, and so- much- more.

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