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Episode 281- Singles Awareness Day Episode, Weekend Recap, and Dominican Bathrooms

February 14, 2017

In this episode Andrew celebrates Singles Awareness Day, that darkest day of the year for single people, by doing a weekend recap including Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, a delirious and brilliant Perry West, an “Abortion on demand without apologies!!” button, sketchy punch chicks at The Skylark, Luke Carey the host of Catching Foxes, Megan Mastroianni, people turning coffeehouses into cubicles, and a Faraday Cage. Then, Andrew turns to a story in which the East Coast Dominican Friars let 100s of women use there bathrooms during the D.C. Women’s March, what happened next, why this is the model of evangelization, why most of us don’t do this, and finally, how not doing this and treating people as placeholders for culture war issues is the same as porn. 

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