Breadbox Media

Episode 13: The Whaley Show

September 7, 2018

In this episode: The Mom Report: Mom turns “41”, gets a shot, and eats a bunch of fried fish; 40lbs down, Calix blowing up, what happened to last week’s podcast, the early Church, it’s been worse, can’t do commentary on the darkness anymore, and shifting to beauty. Then, Andrew interviews Dr. Beau Braden about his attempt to build a small community hospital near Ave Maria, FL, the resistance from a larger hospital 45 miles away, saving lives with cell phones, caring for immigrants and one point of light, 92 babies born in 2017 in the back of an ambulance on the way to Naples, free activist marketing advice, Dr. Braden is overqualified, and links to send money and/or shame. Finally, Andrew bemoans his rusty interview skills, directs the angry mob, Learning in Wartime, battle questions, Mordor vs. the Shire, Keep Calm and Carry On, enemy occupied territory and the internal battle, the pecking order of value, encyclopedias, Guernica, 2002 and the echo chamber, Dead Poet’s Society, Israel and God’s hand vs. His face, searching the rubble, Rod Dreher and strength in distance, a place of fresh air.

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