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Episode 12: The Whaley Show

August 24, 2018

In this episode: cold and rainy is good, a very religious Sunday, visiting the Orthodox, forgotten seeds all sprouted, funerals as the memory of fire, campus ministry blowing up in here, big fat birthday shout out to Miley, recap and new rules for the drinking game, John Senior and the Restoration of Realism, guilt and reading, Is is, Augustine + Kerouac = Merton’s Seven Story Mountain, a muse of the good of being, going back to grad school, sex scandal and Trump fatigue, a rant on the politicization of everything, common sense before procedures, the Pope should have snapped way harder, the pendulum and survivor’s guilt, power vs. sex vs. homosexuality = false dichotomies, Bill Donahue is the Al Sharpton of Catholicism and is good at apologetics, but now is not the time, good priests and the Truth are why I’m still Catholic, and Catholic Stuff You Should Know is not to be missed this week, these are good priests and the future.

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