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Episode 11: The Whaley Show

August 17, 2018

Chat: Mom's on Team Altra, going out, Ebb & Flow Fermentations, Dewayne Schaaf and being German as a superpower, Tanya’s fresh eyes, in praise of long country drives, American Grassfed Beef, Family Friendly Farm, back to being an almost college town, in praise of Fall, Chesterton and Pimlico, loving discontent, The One Thing You Really Need to Know, and getting the itch.  


Chat/Muse: Andrew embarks on a confusing and possibly ill advised discussion searching for a larger cause of what he sees as a increase in Southerness in the racial demographics, fashion, food, music, accents, and even wildlife of his area while he was in Denver. 


Rant: Andrew dives back into the sex abuse scandal, including: the horror is too horrible, addiction to the institution, looking up his abuser online and seeing his face, how his own silence and apologetics after 2002 was of the same motive as the bad bishops and most likely either sin or at least selfishness and addiction to ideology, covering your mother’s shame vs. her sickness, an embargo on the phrase “policies and precedures”, and the Left and Right using the crisis with a take down of both. 


Muse: obsessing over how to move forward, fear for his business, felix culpa, letting go of the baggage of Christendom, respect vs. clericalism, catholicity vs. institution, celibacy vs. marriage, truth vs. wonder, the 3 Es, the 3 Rs, and so much more. Final Rando Thoughts: The Japanese have a work for buying more books than you can read and male platypi are venomous. Chat. Rant. Muse.

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