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Christmas, the Happiest and Saddest of Times

December 4, 2019

Christmas day is fast approaching.  For many people, it is the happiest and most joyful time of the year.  For others, Christmas can be the saddest time of the year.  In this podcast, Tony give some helpful advice if you find yourself sad or lonely at Christmas and what you can do to help others that are alone, lonely or sad at this time of year.

Quote: he Christian faith can never be separated from the soil of sacred events, from the choice made by God, who wanted to speak to us, to become man, to die and rise again, in a particular place and at a particular time. — Pope Benedict XVI

I am not alone at all, I thought. I was never alone at all. And that, of course, is the message of Christmas. We are never alone. Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the world seemingly most indifferent. For this is still the time God chooses. –Taylor Caldwell

Reflections: Have you ever been sad at Christmastime?  What did you do that helped you get through the holiday?  Is there someone in your life that you can help overcome loneliness this Christmas?

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