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Catholic Answers Live - Overcoming Obstacles to Belief in God

March 19, 2020

Having trouble believing in God? Karlo can help.

Questions Covered: 

  • 14:40 - What argument can I give to someone who doesn’t believe in God but is open to evidential support for the existence of God? 
  • 21:48 - How can I talk to atheists who say that Christianity is invalid because the Catholic Church caused many deaths throughout history? 
  • 35:50 - I understand Aquinas’ argument for God’s existence, but I do not see a good argument for Jesus Christ being God.  
  • 42:20 - Why does it matter if God exists? 
  • 48:45 - I am considering leaving the Catholic faith for atheism or satanism. Why would I stay in an imperfect Church?