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Catholic Answers Live - Open Forum

July 25, 2020

Questions Covered:

04:03 - In Acts 9, it says that Saul was given authority by the high priests to make arrests in Damascus. Some people say that the high priest wouldn’t have had that authority. Is that true? 

14:00 - Is there anything I should be cautious of when reading St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas? 

18:41 - What’s the role of Satan in the world? Is he bound or unbound? 

23:00 - How can I, as a convert, discuss this in a way respectful to my wife, who’s not happy with me becoming Catholic? 

31:42 - What books that are lost, if rediscovered, would make Jimmy most excited? 

35:04 - How do you reconcile the infallibility of the Bible with statements that Jesus would come soon? 

41:45 - If it’s sacrilegious to try to empirically prove what the Eucharist is, how can we know it’s the Body of Christ? 

49:21 - What are the general Catholic theories on predestination and how it relates to God being outside of time? 

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