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Catholic Answers Live - Meeting the Protestant Challenge

June 19, 2020

Questions Covered:

  • 02:23 - How can I best speak to Protestants who speak about Jesus dismantling Jewish tradition and starting Christianity as this completely independent, separate, and different entity? They eschew the old and believe that this faith was completely new and unrelated.  
  • 12:47 - Why do Catholics confess to a priest when the Bible says to take sins straight to God? Where in Scripture do you have evidence for that? 
  • 33:40 – Why are there arguments that the Pope wasn’t officially recognized until way later past the third century? 
  • 42:00 - Protestants always ask about salvation. What is a quick way to explain the Catholic understanding of salvation? 
  • 48:28 - How do you explain the supremacy of the papacy? 

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