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Catholic Answers Live - Kids Show

June 22, 2020

Questions Covered:

  • 06:12 - Due to COVID-19, do kids who were supposed to get their First Communion this year still get to have it? 
  • 15:17 – When we receive First Communion, why do we have to go through all those classes? 
  • 19:13 - The churches are going to reopen in two weeks, but our dad doesn’t want us to go outside the house. Should we obey him or the church? 
  • 23:18 - What is the role of the Church in political life? 
  • 35:55 - Why did God make church? 
  • 44:13 - How can God exist all the time if nobody made him? 
  • 47:50 - Can a priest say that you can’t receive communion on the tongue? 
  • 50:24 - Why does God allow the riots? 

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