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Catholic Answers Live - Is Adoption for You?

January 25, 2022
  • 18:25 - I have a 2 year old now but my husband and I have always wanted to adopt. If I’m already overwhelmed, how do I know if we’re ready to adopt? 
  • 24:34 - Could you give some information on how to get started in the adoption process? 
  • 32:31 - What is the oldest age of a couple/individual that you would recommend to adopt a child? 
  • 43:18 - I’m 45 years old, single, and with no kids. What are your thoughts on single people adopting? 
  • 46:04 - I think it’s wonderful the way you are about your adoptive kids. How could I start a resource to find more people like you? There’s so many kids taken away by CPS so I wish more could be placed with people like you. 
  • 51:02 - How does it work if you were in a situation where you opted to adopt a child from a woman that was looking to give away her child? Do you have to go through an agency?

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